Thursday, February 23, 2012

KCRW's Eric J Lawrence: A True Musicphile

Can you imagine having to keep track of all the music that gets sent to KCRW? Trust me when I say it looks overwhelming. But according to Eric J Lawrence, KCRW's music librarian, it's a dream job. A hobby on steroids. Here's a man who wanted to be an English professor and instead hangs out down in a basement with one of the most amazing music collections in town. His job is to keep it organized. Little does anyone know (except his family) Eric was featured on Solid Gold, a gloriously cheeky disco TV show , lip syncing to Joe Dolce's "Shaddup You Facewith his father when he was thirteen years old. Five bucks for anyone who can track that TV clip down. Seriously!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Once Polaroid,Then Fuji, and Now The Impossible Project

have been reborn, after the death of their mother company, Polaroid, a creation of Edwin H. Land in 1948, by a few other companies. Wanting to preserve the convenience, fun, and creative outlet that these photographs produced is a no-brainer because a Polaroid image has had an extensive, festive history. Providing artists, photographers, and shutterbugs with instant gratification its presences has graced the globe. In 2001 Polaroid went bankrupt and within 7 years sold off their equipment and formulas. One of them was the formula for instant film which was left it in the hands of another company: The Impossible Project.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Good Ear Candy: Gotye

Often an album sounds better than when you see the band play live. Last night, at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, Wouter De Backer, better know as Gotye, walked out on stage and proved to the many fans anxiously awaiting the show that he had amazing musical prowess. His enthusiasm and skills translated relentlessly and his appreciation for odd instruments schooled an ignorant ear. Despite an absent Kimbra, he implored the audience's help. Without hesitation, they gladly complied: nearly every woman in that theatre sang along to "Someone That I Used To Know" (and quite a few men, too). It was amazing.