Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Comic Con meet Ritalin. You need each other.

Over 125,000 people, tons of cute kids, and a lot of  B.O. packed into one place can make for a great summer weekend; if you're into the world of comics and gaming, which I am. Every year, around this same time, San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter  crawls with many comic book characters and their supporters. They come from all over the world and in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The highly anticipated Con is a straight undiluted shot of ADHD; leaving absolutely no prisoners. Everywhere you turn something is strangling your attention; notice me, buy me, play with me

Monday, July 18, 2011

So Much Talent At One Table

Saturday night Sketch Theatre and Baby Tattoo Books threw a party introducing their recent collaboration; a fascinating collection of various graphic artists who have all participated in the past in Sketch Theatre's video ventures. The videos consist of start to finish sketches done by great artists well regarded in their respective fields. The Gnomon Gallery hosted their art show for the evening while artists like Miss Mindy, Rick O'Brien,Van Arno, Aimée Kuester, and Marc Gabbana graced fans with their John Hancock's.

Monday, July 11, 2011

An Intense Stare at Artist Ty Williams

5 Things you may not know about him...
1. Raised in the Virgin Islands until middle school
2. Really enjoys dancing (only under the influence)
3. Wanted to be a paleontologist as a youngster
4. Can't draw well but does it everyday regardless
5. Dreams of owning a sailboat
Check out his show starting July 30th at Insight LA, 1501 Main St. Venice.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

A Sure Sign of Independence

The 4th of July every year draws out the independence stick putting into the hands of children as they wave their sparklers high in the air. The same children who will never know that 20 years earlier their parents sat at these same beaches with more advanced pyrotechnics and the ability to have a bonfire while cooking BBQ and drinking a beer without the hassle or threat of jail time. Guess there must have been too many people blowing their arms off while holding onto an excessive amount of roman candles all at once.
The only solace: Venice Beach