Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Comic Con meet Ritalin. You need each other.

Over 125,000 people, tons of cute kids, and a lot of  B.O. packed into one place can make for a great summer weekend; if you're into the world of comics and gaming, which I am. Every year, around this same time, San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter  crawls with many comic book characters and their supporters. They come from all over the world and in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The highly anticipated Con is a straight undiluted shot of ADHD; leaving absolutely no prisoners. Everywhere you turn something is strangling your attention; notice me, buy me, play with me

And if you think your immune you're not; it carries the intense stench of nostalgia. The convention is as much for adults as it is for the kids. Whatever your hearts desire, within the realm of adolescent imagination and fantasy where the good guys scale walls and the bad guys turn into giant monsters, it will be represented in heaps.
Booths, containing brands from Nickelodeon to Lions Gate, Dark Horse to DC, galleries to toy collectors line the rows introducing their products. You can see incredible statues of your favorite film characters and attend panels with directors and actors from the latest shows.

There is horror, sex, dreams, and swag; tons and  
 tons of free swag.


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