Monday, July 18, 2011

So Much Talent At One Table

Saturday night Sketch Theatre and Baby Tattoo Books threw a party introducing their recent collaboration; a fascinating collection of various graphic artists who have all participated in the past in Sketch Theatre's video ventures. The videos consist of start to finish sketches done by great artists well regarded in their respective fields. The Gnomon Gallery hosted their art show for the evening while artists like Miss Mindy, Rick O'Brien,Van Arno, Aimée Kuester, and Marc Gabbana graced fans with their John Hancock's.

The room purred with curious guests eyeing art hung on the walls. In one corner auction books, for the art, sat on a table being doused with wine while they filled up and in the back room artists sat haunched over their sketch pads while they put live models to paper. The book was for sale at a counter up front and a table outside became it's destination; there it would be written on, there It would be drawn on, there IT would be fondled by its comrades...
And the fans loved it, I promise.

Van Arno shifting through the pages.

Miss Mindy

Bob Self, of Baby Tattoo, his daughter, and Marc Gabbana

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