Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Wonder What The French Think About Our

When the crazy for French macarons started it is hard to say but over the course of the last few years restaurants, specialty stores, and grocery stores have started to carry these delectable delights. Pinks, blues, and many other colors followed by a flavorful assortment of creamy tastes are dropping into the mouths of many Americans redefining the idea of what a macaron (not macaroon) is. At first thought most taste buds salivate at the idea of coconut but are quickly redefining their assumptions with every bite but are they keeping up with French standards?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Practical Diamonds Walk A Fine Line: Art+Phone=

Dangling from white nylon rope and tightly secured between two pieces of plexiglass technology hangs 51/2 ft above a cement floor at the Gallery Knibb, Venice. Who says we have to be practical! Why not a custom iPhone covered in bling or is this to hang on a wall? All anyone needs is a fat wallet and a taste for flair and they could be walking around with an Iphone covered in diamonds, gold, platinum, you name it. JUST DON'T DROP IT! OR LOSE IT! Need I say it is an expensive loss.

Monday, June 13, 2011

For Ink and Iron: Thou Shalt Commit Thyself

Never was there so much colorful, vintage eye candy as there was this particular weekend. The Queen Mary hosts the Ink and Iron Tattoo & Kustom Culture Festival, which happened to be crawling with glamorous, Pop Rock colored haired females, decked out in their 40's/50's best, accompanied by more men with dashing pompadour's covered in gobs of grease. Warning: It's a sticky business. Cars, music, clothes and contests were just some of what inspired visitors to get their hands dirty. Here's another one... Mosh 

Monday, June 06, 2011

What! An Art Walk in Santa Ana

Art walks seem to be popping all over the place; downtown Los Angeles, Venice, you name an area and they'll most likely have one but if they don't they will shortly. The first Saturday of every month Santa Ana has their own art walk which, surprisingly, was much bigger than expected and definitely more interesting... Ran around looking at art with a drink in my hand while some good old southern food awaited my return.