Monday, June 06, 2011

What! An Art Walk in Santa Ana

Art walks seem to be popping all over the place; downtown Los Angeles, Venice, you name an area and they'll most likely have one but if they don't they will shortly. The first Saturday of every month Santa Ana has their own art walk which, surprisingly, was much bigger than expected and definitely more interesting... Ran around looking at art with a drink in my hand while some good old southern food awaited my return.

The Curiosities of Janice Lowry graced the walls of the main room in Grand Central Art Center while the show Empire by Bale Creek Allen, which left a sad, compassionate soft spot for rattle snakes (seriously, who would have guessed), decorated another room.
Not far off and down a beautiful set of stairs more galleries opened up to inquisitive eyes. There was everything from wicked low-brow art installations and cans of spray paint to a live band. There was even ceramic sculptures my mother would have liked and many religious references used in some of the art.
If only Sarah Palin could have keep her mouth shut

Christopher Hall It's a bit to small for your wall.

A sign on a lawyers office, on the second floor of the same building next to other gallery spaces, reads "Artwork that is displayed in this office is for sale." Never heard of a lawyers office selling their wall art... then again they are lawyers.

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