Monday, June 20, 2011

Practical Diamonds Walk A Fine Line: Art+Phone=

Dangling from white nylon rope and tightly secured between two pieces of plexiglass technology hangs 51/2 ft above a cement floor at the Gallery Knibb, Venice. Who says we have to be practical! Why not a custom iPhone covered in bling or is this to hang on a wall? All anyone needs is a fat wallet and a taste for flair and they could be walking around with an Iphone covered in diamonds, gold, platinum, you name it. JUST DON'T DROP IT! OR LOSE IT! Need I say it is an expensive loss.

They open this week in Aspen, perhaps next week New York or Los Vegas but this "art exhibit" will be opening it's doors to pocket books all over the globe in the next few weeks. Their on-line presences,, offers many different choices in current technology but up until recently nothing quite like this.
The options to change your daily necessity into forms of insurance requiring self-expressions are gold, rose gold, platinum, diamonds (colored or clear), silver, Swarovski Crystals, mirrors, and eventually sapphires, rubys, and emeralds. Prices range from 800-5000 depending on your tastes;)

Mine would be platinum with black diamonds... understating what obviously isn't an understatement.

BTW Don't tell Apple. It's art.

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