Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Mad Lighting Skills At Play In LA

lighting scientist and photographer spent the weekend in Los Angeles teaching others how to recreate Hollywood style lighting. Here is a man who knows what he is talking about because of his up-close-and-personal babysitter: the film industry ala noir. He grew up watching films like Chinatown while his father made a living as a still photographer on sets where as a child he would frequently play. His interpretation of photography is a sexy vintage Stradivarius mixed with a 1960's sense of freedom. The whole time, he makes it look painless; absolutely painless.

Once in Paris with his magical bag of tricks he shot high fashion for various magazines and clients; for instance Vanity Fair and Vogue Homme. Now he shares some of his secrets with curious students desiring a better understanding of dramatic lighting. I will bet he does not share all of his secrets. The good ones never do.

Photographs shot by C. Maxwell
Model: Nicole McDonald 

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