Monday, August 29, 2011

A Very Happy Happy Birthday Party

celebrated its 11th birthday on sat evening in a hotbox on Maple Ave, downtown. This event pioneered the model of taking chances, introducing, and supporting new artists trying to reach professional levels in the art community of LA while simultaneously including a variety of wildly entertaining live performances. One piece of this particular show almost made me sick (for about 5 secs) when one of the performance groups attached large chains to back piercings and pulled. Thank god the art was pleasing and the DJ sets were good because it never came to fruition.

As artists like John Park, Christina Angelina, and Mimi Yoon painted, dominants tugged on their version of a chain gang and others walked around the room admiring the art. A symbiotic relationship.
The featured artist that night: Gustavo Rimada. The fashion show, which was more effort then it was worth, was Mrald of Aero Entertainment and CGD.
The men and woman responsible for this fanfare of entertainment ran around, as they always do, making sure that things were running smoothly. Mr. Numberonederful maned the DJ booth while
Michele Waterman held the door. Even an old friend Jean-Paul, ex-assistant and CF crisis-controller, graced us with his curious company.
The night ended with content beads of sweat dripping off of its hosts. They were hard-earned and happy.

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