Sunday, March 11, 2012

Supreme: The Gentle But Deadly Kind

There are some things that even the most daring wrestlers in the competitive /entertainment circuit will not venture into. We know they aren't afraid of tight pants (which accentuates their girlish figures), cheesy shticks, and/or tacky stage names. Painful items like rat traps, barbed wire, staple guns, and glass are some of the items that they usually avoid. But in the case of wrestler Supreme while the others run he turns around and embraces it head on; literally. It's a good thing his wife is a nurse! For years he has been challenging his opponents in Death Matches; making sure that lots of blood is shed and titles are won. 

Aided by his son he goes out into the crowd rallying their support and engaging their desire for disturbing acts of violence. Willing girls, boys, young and old, support his efforts to overcome his opponents. While florescent light tubes and rat traps go flying his graceful recovery from landing on a table covered in barbwire is not met without challenges. The fans help to pull the barbwire from his flesh. "That has got to hurt!" 

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