Friday, September 16, 2011

Written In Blood

With so many artists in the Los Angeles area, inspiration for art can be challenging but not so challenging that one would look past an artist who isn't afraid to work in his own blood. Mr. Kushner does not fain at the sight of his own blood nor does he become light headed as he makes the cut. With pride and purpose he carves into himself, as the audience flinches, to sign a sold piece of work while its new owner stands close by. The dark presence of Marilyn Manson, spinning his new album Born Villain, and Rudy Coby, a professional magician, solidifies his influence as seriously bizarre.
Having spent so much time taking in the environment I didn't shoot enough photos (guess I deserve a spanking for that).
The whole experience induced a huge sense of rebelliousness towards wanting to take out my camera and shoot... as if the scene insisted on it leaving me no other choices.
Kushner's work is skilled and his techniques are odd but they are worth their weight in flesh. 

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