Monday, January 09, 2012

Vague Shapes of Gerald Slota's Person

Perhaps the personality of photographer Gerald Slota is as obscure as most of his work: defined by games of hide and seek. Or maybe its the other way around, he seeks then hides. Behind his blue eyes a web of stories stay buried and occasionally, in the cracks of his smile, they start to slowly unfold: his love for the film Harold and Maude. His approach to giving his company just enough of himself then leaving them to their own interpretations is just how far he's willing to go. The approach works. Home.Sweet.Home, a show by Slota and Neil LaBute, has a strong enigmatic effect.

The images themselves are dark. The desire to get closer, to even walk into them, is alluring but aided by LaBute's words make the show incredibly disturbing. The kind of disturbing you don't look away from but pity others who have experienced such realities.
I wondered what this artist wanted to be when he grew up. His response, "To be grown up." The next question was more obvious, "Is this what your dreams look like?" "No, but I get a lot of my ideas from them." I didn't know what to say; I just quietly wondered more.

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